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Liane's food stories appear in the print and digital editions of the Edmonton Journal, plus she blogs and tweets daily for the newspaper @eatmywordsblog. Liane covers the city’s food community, delving into trends, restaurants and recipes.


Liane is a keynote speaker at professional conferences. Her thought-provoking, often playful, presentations are perfectly suited for food and restaurant industry groups, health care organizations and educators.


Unflappable and engaging, Liane moderates panels, leads writing and editing workshops, and hosts cooking demonstrations and other food-related events.


Liane has gathered fellow travellers in food-loving cities (such as Portland, New York and New Orleans) and countries (including Italy, Holland and Spain) since 2011. She's also a guide for Edmonton Food Tours. For more information, e-mail  

What people think of Liane Faulder

Liane is as comfortable at the microphone as she is greeting participants, and chatting with the crowd. Her sincerity and good humour made guests and chefs alike feel warmly welcomed at our event.

Liane is a rare writer and presenter who can bring a story to life that both enlightens and entertains us. It is always a pleasure to work with such a talented professional.

Liane’s chronicles of her food experiences brought forward many acknowledging nods from our audience and left us inspired and motivated to feel great about the work we do with food and nutrition as registered professional dietitians.

Liane arranged a fabulous food tour of Northern Italy that we will rave about for years. Well organized and professionally conducted, Liane led our tour with courtesy and style. We look forward to future adventures.

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